CPI Moves Sideways

Update 634: CPI Moves SidewaysThe Good News in Inflation Picture Looking at news headlines about and the markets’ response to yesterday’s Consumer Price Index Report for August, you might think inflation is skyrocketing unabated. That might sell, but under the hood are a vertical drop in consumer gas prices, a drop in producer prices, and …

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CPI for June up 9.1%

Update 620 — CPI for June up 9.1%But Trends Complicate Inflation Story The CPI report for June, showing a 9.1 percent hike in prices from a year ago, up from 8.6 percent in May, may alarm some and immediately suggests another 75 basis point interest rate by the Fed at its next meeting, July 26-27. …

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Fed Fights Inflation, Recession Risk

Update 616 — Fueling Uncertainty:Fed Fights Inflation, Recession Risk Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell took the hot seat this week during the semiannual Humphrey-Hawkins hearings before Congress. Recently re-confirmed as Chair, Powell had to manage his way through cross examination regarding the Fed and inflation, following a hot 8.6 percent May CPI rise in inflation …

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