Fiscal Policy

FY 2020 Coming into View

Update 346 — FY 2020 Coming into ViewBackward, Baby Steps So Far; Cliff 2.0 Looms As Congress departs for a two-week recess, it leaves behind a budget process with miles to go. Where does the FY 2020 budget making process stand, what steps are ahead, what is at stake, and what are the obstacles to …

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Wall or Nothing (January 15)

Update 323 — Wall or Nothing WH Stays Aloof Trump Unmoved: Let Them Make Adjustments Before the holiday break, we wrote an update on the budget wranglings over Trump’s border wall. At the time, it looked likely that the government was heading for a partial shutdown. The record-breaking shutdown is now in its 25th day. …

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Economic Policy Issues Throughout the 2018 Midterms (November 2)

Update 311: Economic Policy Issues Throughout the 2018 Midterm Campaign As we look ahead to next week’s midterms, we take a look back at four of the key economic policy themes that have played out this cycle. Across the country this cycle we have seen common themes and policies resonating with voters in seemingly disparate …

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The Dog Catches the Bus (Apr. 13)

Update 263 – The Dog Catches the Bus: Mick Mulvaney’s Mysterious Mission at CFPB This week saw Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Mick Mulvaney appear before both the House Financial Services and Senate Banking Committees. After years of working aggressively in Congress to shred the Bureau to pieces, Mulvaney is charged with the operating …

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Peering over the Fiscal Cliff (Apr. 11)

Update 262 — Peering over the Fiscal Cliff: Trillion-Dollar Deficits Far as the Eye Can See Earlier this week, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected that the federal government’s annual budget deficit will reach $1 trillion next fiscal year.  Under current CBO expectations, the national debt will exceed $33 trillion by fiscal 2028, up from …

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Omnibus Situation (Mar. 22)

Update 258 — Omnibus Situation: Last Stop Before Two-Week Recess As of this writing on Thursday afternoon, one more piece of Congressional business remains before members and staff can start a long and long-awaited recess.  Once again, Congress confronts a deadline of midnight tomorrow to keep the federal government funded. But no one wants to …

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S. 2155 Passes Senate, 67-31
 (Mar. 16)

Update 256 – S. 2155 Passes Senate, 67-31
 Now, on to the House and Conference. Or Not. On Wednesday night, the Senate passed S.2155, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act, 67-31.  The bill is the most comprehensive rollback of the Dodd-Frank Act to clear a chamber of Congress. A summary of the bill’s …

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