2020 Endorsement Series

2020 Congressional Endorsements

Update 478: 2020 Cong. Endorsements On Slate of 40 Candidates, 32 Challengers Today’s round of endorsements completes the cycle for 20/20. Forty candidates for Congress, almost all of whom are progressives and in tight races, have our endorsement and maximum financial support. We hope you will consider supporting them as well.  Also receiving honorary endorsements and …

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2020 Cong. Endorsements

Update 458 — 2020 Cong. Endorsements: Primary Winners in ME, NE, NJ and TX Washington’s heatwave of tempers and temperatures is reaching a fever pitch, with the impending expiration of key economic relief programs and a summer recess ahead, when members of Congress head back home to focus on the elections in the fall. Today, we …

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2020 Cong. Endorsements; March-May Primary Winners

Update 441– 2020 Cong. Endorsements:March-May Nominees in CA, IL, NC, OH, TX This is the first of regular updates covering our endorsements for the coming congressional elections. We begin with congressional candidates in states that held their primaries in March, April, and May. Most of our candidates are in margin-of-error-tight races and face incumbent Republicans. …

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