How and When to Regulate Crypto

Update 636 — The Crypto Commodities: How and When to Regulate a New Market? The Fed just this afternoon voted to raise interest rates by another 75 basis points as expected  (full coverage on Friday), with immediate impact on the regulated capital markets as well as the unregulated ones. In the last year, the unregulated crypto …

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Crypto Crash Begs Regs

Update 627 — Crypto Crash Begs Regs:Hill Action as Euphoria Yields to Reality As the House returns today to vote on the Inflation Reduction Act and send it to Biden’s desk, we turn towards a murkier legislative task: regulating cryptocurrencies. Following the flurry of 2022 Super Bowl ads, markets saw a crypto winter of massive …

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Slouching toward Cryptocracy

Update 615 — Slouching toward CryptocracyOr Regulatory Reckoning for Neo-Wild West? The 2022 Super Bowl this past February was an extravagant debut for the far-flung crypto family of securities, currencies, and platforms. But cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have plunged in value by more than 52 percent year to date, with pogo-stick volatility and sell-offs by …

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