Digital Assets Debated

Update 669 — Digital Assets Debated:Crypto Regulation in the New Congress The debate in the 118th Congress over whether and how to regulate cryptocurrencies opened yesterday at a Senate Banking Committee hearing. The several bills introduced in the last Congress that attempted to grapple with the question did not come up — they were all …

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Crypto Crash Begs Regs

Update 627 — Crypto Crash Begs Regs:Hill Action as Euphoria Yields to Reality As the House returns today to vote on the Inflation Reduction Act and send it to Biden’s desk, we turn towards a murkier legislative task: regulating cryptocurrencies. Following the flurry of 2022 Super Bowl ads, markets saw a crypto winter of massive …

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Slouching toward Cryptocracy

Update 615 — Slouching toward CryptocracyOr Regulatory Reckoning for Neo-Wild West? The 2022 Super Bowl this past February was an extravagant debut for the far-flung crypto family of securities, currencies, and platforms. But cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have plunged in value by more than 52 percent year to date, with pogo-stick volatility and sell-offs by …

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