Update 777: April Jobs Data; Week’s Key Hill Hearing

Update 777 — 175,000 Jobs Added in AprilLabor Market Data; Week’s Key Hill Hearings On Wednesday, Fed Chair Powell made clear that long-elevated interest rates would remain in place, perhaps well into autumn, until either price or labor market data showed a retreat. This morning’s jobs report showing the economy added 175,000 jobs in April …

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Status of the Supplemental

Update 773  — Supplemental’s Status, Roundup of Week’s Other Developments It isn’t the express train but the long-lingering local that the $95 billion international assistance package, originally requested by the administration over six months ago, is riding en route to the finish line in Congress. Once enacted, the White House will sign and herald most …

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Major Student Debt Relief Redux

Update 771  — CPI Hotter Than Expected;March Report Dampens Rate Cut Outlook Following this week’s CPI report for March, observers ranging from President Biden to Fed Governors to market participants agree that the trends in stubbornly elevated prices thus far this year point to a reduced likelihood of a Fed pivot to interest rate cuts …

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20 Groups Including 20/20 Vision Highlight New Research on the Growing Use of Training Repayment Agreement Provisions (TRAPs)

20/20 Vision was proud to join with 19 other organizations, including the Student Borrower Protection Center, in a letter highlighting new research on the growing use of Training Repayment Agreement Provisions (TRAPs). The new research comes as the FTC continues its work on its proposed rule that would ban traditional and de facto non-competes.