2022 Congressional Endorsements

Update 619 — 2022 Cong. Endorsements
Primary Winners in CA, CO, IA, IL, and NV

Per a far better than expected jobs report out this morning, the economy added 372,000 jobs in the month of June, which may prove better than expected for Democrats in the midterms. This update is the second part in a series covering 20/20 Vision’s endorsements for the 2022 midterm elections. These congressional candidates were nominated in states that held their primaries in June.

Most of our candidates are in margin-of-error-tight races or face incumbent Republicans. Despite rumblings that the midterms are a foregone conclusion, Democrats are closing in on Republicans in the generic poll, making these close races critical. We have chosen candidates because we believe they have the vision and potential to serve as important leaders on national economic and political reform issues in Congress.

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U.S. Senate

Catherine Cortez Masto — Nevada
Race Rating: Toss-up
Total Amount Raised*: Cortez Masto $26.2M / Laxalt $5.9M

In 2016, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto became the first woman to represent Nevada and the first Latina to serve in the US Senate. This November, she will face a tight re-election bid against a Trump-backed, anti-choice Republican opponent. Holding this seat will be crucial for Democrats’ control of the Senate, and Senator Cortez Masto is more than up for the challenge.

Throughout her career in public service, first as the Attorney General of Nevada and now as a Senator, Cortez Masto has been a champion for women, children, and seniors. She has fought to promote access to affordable healthcare by working to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and ensuring spouses and children are able to get healthcare coverage. She has also worked to expand access to affordable housing, protect our environment, and promote investments in American manufacturing and research. We need her steady vote on the Senate Banking Committee.

Michael Bennet — Colorado
Race Rating: Lean Democratic
Total Amount Raised*: Bennet $13.2M / O’Dea $2.3M

Senator Michael Bennet is no stranger to a competitive race. The Coloradan won his first Senate in 2010 by less than 2 percent. But Bennet beat out his opponent for re-election in 2016 by nearly 6 percent, proof that the two-term Senator can appeal to voters in a state that has not always been reliably blue. Despite Democrats’ success in Colorado in recent years, hanging onto the state’s Senate seat up this fall is not a given. Senator Bennet’s appeal to rural voters and working families will be essential to maintaining a Democratic Senate in 2022.

In Congress, Senator Bennet has fought for policies like the child tax credit expansion that lifted millions of children out of poverty during the pandemic. He has also called for an extension on the student loan repayment pause, worked to make college more affordable, and advocated for expansions to jobs training and apprenticeship programs. Senator Bennet is a particularly strong advocate for lower healthcare costs, ending surprise medical bills after an emergency, as well as allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices.


U.S. House of Representatives

Cindy Axne – IA-03
Race Rating: Lean Republican
Total Amount Raised*: Axne $3.9M / Nunn $883k

Representative Cindy Axne is one of the first women to represent Iowa in the U.S. House of Representatives. Used to defending her seat by close margins, Axne is once again headed into a tight race. This cycle, Axne is facing Republican Zach Nunn, a former officer in the U.S. Air Force who serves as the Iowa State Senator from the 15th district.

A member of the House Financial Services Committee, Congresswoman Axne has introduced legislation on corporate offshoring, job outsourcing, rural small business access to credit, and rental assistance for low-income rural residents. During the pandemic, she has been outspoken on adequate federal assistance to states and localities and supported measures to increase flexibility for small businesses and supported the vital American Rescue Plan and Bipartisan Infrastructure bills.

Christina Bohannan – IA-01
Race Rating: Likely Republican
Total Amount Raised*: Bohannan $1.4M / Miller-Meeks $2.6M

Iowa State Representative Christina Bohannan is a law professor and former engineer serving the people of Iowa in the State House. In 2020, Bohannan won a seat in the Iowa House, defeating a 20-year incumbent. Bohannan is running now to unseat freshman Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who won her seat by an incredibly slim margin of six votes in 2020. This is a key flip opportunity for a seat that was held by a Democrat only one cycle ago.

State Representative Bohannan is a champion for her community, and now she is running for Congress to continue fighting for every Iowan to have a fair shot. In Congress, Bohannan will work to increase training for high-skill, high-wage jobs, invest in our kids and schools, make Iowa a clean energy leader, strengthen protections for voting rights, and increase access to quality, affordable health care and broadband. Her legislative record shows Bohannon’s promise to be an effective leader in Congress.

Steven Horsford – NV-04
Race Rating: Toss-up

 Representative Steven Horsford’s win over Republican Representative Cresent Hardy in 2018 was instrumental in helping Democrats retake the House. Nevada’s 4th Congressional district has swung between Democratic and Republican control numerous times over the past decade, and Congressman Horsford’s race will be close this November.

His background in job training and workforce development and as a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, make Representative Horsford a key and vocal advocate for American families struggling economically. He also serves as First Vice Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and Co-Chair of the Labor Caucus. On the Ways and Means Committee, Representative Horsford has introduced important legislation on tax reform and advocated for increases to Social Security benefits with more equitable financing.

Brittany Pettersen – CO-07
Race Rating: Likely Democratic
Total Amount Raised*: Pettersen $1M / Aadland $491K

Colorado State Senator Brittany Pettersen is running to fill Congressman Perlmutter’s seat as he retires this term. The newly re-drawn 7th district is less safe than it has been in recent years, but State Senator Pettersen is the perfect candidate to keep the district blue. Pettersen won her election to the state Senate in 2018 by over 16 percentage points, helping Democrats take control of the State Senate.

During her time in the state legislature, State Senator Pettersen sponsored Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, Red Flag Law, and Secure Savings Act. She has championed investments in public education and mental health services. In Congress, Pettersen will keep fighting for progressive values and supporting policies that help those struggling in this economy.

Sean Casten – IL-06
Race Rating: Likely Democratic
Total Amount Raised*: Casten $3.1M/ Pekau $374

Representative Sean Casten was first elected in the Democratic wave of 2018. He represents the 6th Congressional district of Illinois, a state which has continued to be a Democratic stronghold in the Midwest. The two-term House member beat out his primary opponents by nearly 40 percent, proving that he is a popular and viable candidate to appeal to the suburbs of Chicago. However, the seat is not safe by any metric, as Cook Political Report rates the district Lean Democrat. He faces Republican challenger Keith Pekau in the general election, who famously sued Governor JB Pritzker to fight a mask and vaccine mandate.

In Congress, Representative Casten serves on the House Financial Services Committee, the Science, Space and Technology Committee, and the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. He is known for fighting for economic justice with an emphasis on consumer protections and financial regulation. Congressman Casten continues to emphasize and affirm a desire to make everyone pay their fair share.

Bill Foster – IL-11
Race Rating: Likely Democratic
Total Amount Raised*: Foster $2.1M / Lauf $1.4M

Representative Bill Foster is one of the few scientists in Congress. Representing parts of the Chicago suburbs, Congressman Foster takes his past experiences as a physicist into account when crafting and advancing legislation. A methodical approach to policy with a passion for the granular makes Foster stand out from his colleagues.

As a member of the House Financial Services Committee, Representative Foster has focused heavily on cybersecurity risks to the financial sector and ensuring monetary policy is working for everyone. His focus on cybersecurity and technology is bolstered by his position as Chair of the Investigations and Oversight Subcommittee for the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. Representative Foster also sits on the conference committee for USICA/COMPETES, ensuring an eagle-eyed legislator is promoting the intentional industrial policy we need to revitalize American manufacturing and shore up supply chains.


Honorable Mentions

Jesús “Chuy” García — IL-04
Race Rating: Safe Democratic
Total Amount Raised*: García $720.3K / Falakos N/A

Representing a heavily working-class Hispanic district in the heart of Chicago, Representative Jesús “Chuy” García has been a progressive champion for Chicago going back to the 1980s. He recently joined Congress as part of the class of 2018 and immediately put his foot on the pedal to deliver for his district and the rest of the country.

As a member of the House Financial Services Committee, Congressman García has stood up to Wall Street and secured critical legislation to level the playing field. Most recently, he brought together a bipartisan coalition to pass the Close the ILC Loophole Act through the committee so that companies can no longer take advantage of this glaring gap in the banking regulatory framework. Representative García has also been a singular leader in the House on reforming oversight of the financial sector with the Systemic Risk Mitigation Act and the Bank Merger Review Modernization Act.

Maxine Waters — CA-43
Race Rating: Safe Democratic
Total Amount Raised*: Waters $733.4K / Navarro $75.5K

Representative Waters now serves as the Chair of the powerful House Financial Services Committee, where she initiated countless important hearings on issues ranging from oversight of the financial system to the housing crisis to student loans to the pandemic recovery. Her tenure as committee chair has brought these crucial issues to the forefront of debate and helped secure the passage of critical legislation out of committee such as various sanctions on Russia as well as the committee’s portion of the American Rescue Plan.

 *Total campaign receipts according to most recent FEC filings.