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Education Finance and Future

Update 641 — An “Incomplete” on Debt ReliefMidterm View: Education Finance and Future In late August, President Biden announced a student debt cancellation of up to $10k of debt and $20k of debt for Pell Grant recipients, a temporary fix to a larger problem — a move hotly-discussed, as subsidizing “elite students” isn’t popular among …

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Biden’s Dollars for Scholars

Update 629 — Biden’s Dollars for ScholarsCancels $10K in Debt; Long-Term in Doubt Within the hour, with the current student loan payment moratorium due to expire on August 31, President Biden announced another extension of the payment moratorium until December 31 and the cancellation of $10,000 of debt per borrower making less than $125,000 annually …

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Decision Ahead on Student Loans

Update 601 —  Degrees of Debt:Decision Ahead on Student Loans The CPI Report for March, released yesterday, showed prices rose by 8.5 percent during the last 12 months. Energy prices moderated markedly during March. Some predict this will represent the high-water mark of an inflation rate that will remain elevated through the fall.  The Biden …

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