20/20 Vision

Infrastructure Finance Update (Feb. 18)

Mike & Co. – One week ago, the House passed a bill that could alter and perhaps ease the way state and local infrastructure is financed in the capital markets, when HR.2209, a bill to “require the appropriate Federal banking agencies to treat certain municipal obligations as level 2A liquid assets, and for other purposes” was adopted by the House with …

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Does DFA Fail on Too Big to Fail? (Feb. 17)

Mike & Co.  — The newly-installed the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank and former Special Investigator overseeing the TARP program came to town yesterday advocating drastic action to head off a financial sector systemic risk crisis, calling for the nation’s biggest banks to be broken up.  His speech, delivered at Brookings, got noticed, with lengthy coverage in the NYT, WSJ, …

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The Fed Holds Steady (Feb. 10)

Mike & Co. — The Chair of the Federal Reserve went before House Financial Services to provide a report on the nation’s economic condition, a kind of bi-annual checkup. No news was made, no fireworks went off and no market mood swings occurred.  As for the Fed’s next move, it’s wait-and-see a little while longer.  …

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