Infrastructure Report: Donald Doubles Down (Aug. 5)

Mike & Co., This Tuesday, Donald Trump announced his intention to seek to improve the state of American infrastructure with an investment of over half a trillion dollars, financed through a bond program.  The lack of details stands in contrast with HRC’s highly developed infrastructure agenda, which features an investment of $275 billion, including an infrastructure bank and a …

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Infrastructure Finance Update (Feb. 18)

Mike & Co. – One week ago, the House passed a bill that could alter and perhaps ease the way state and local infrastructure is financed in the capital markets, when HR.2209, a bill to “require the appropriate Federal banking agencies to treat certain municipal obligations as level 2A liquid assets, and for other purposes” was adopted by the House with …

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Brown on HTF (Dec. 4)

Mike & Co. — The November jobs report (200,000-plus net jobs added) is another key green light to a Fed primed to lift rates in two weeks. FWIW, reported from Shelby last night re talks with Tester on Shelby 2.0: “We’ve been talking even tonight — we’re trying to see if we can work out …

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